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PS2 stuff
penrose orange
I got some PS2 stuff yesterday:
  • Official Sony memory card, so I can make a start on the PS2 games I borrowed. (Started Metal Gear Solid 2, which feels like a continuation of the previous game);
  • DVD Region X software;
  • A copy of the Final Fantasy movie on DVD. My first DVD! I don't own a standalone DVD player, which makes the PS2 even more useful.

The DVD Region X software performs two functions. First, it converts the PS2 into a multi-region DVD player. I doubt that I"ll be importing any DVDs, but it's nice to have the option. Second, and more importantly, it works around a limitation of the PS2's DVD playback.

Depending on the type of cable you use with a PS2, the video will be sent to the TV as either a "composite" or a "component" signal. A "composite" signal consists of the picture and colour information all sent together. A "component" signal sends the picture and the three colour components (usually red, green and blue, though other schemes exist too) separately. Component video is much higher quality, so I use an RGB component cable with my PS2 (actually, it's the one I bought for my PSone; the cables are compatible).

However, there's a catch: the PS2 won't output RGB component video when playing DVDs. You have to use a composite cable. If you try to use an RGB component cable, the image looks green. This is probably a deliberate attempt by Sony to cripple the PS2's DVD capabilities so that the PS2 doesn't eat into the sales of Sony's dedicated DVD players. The DVD Region X software works around this, so I can watch DVDs in the highest possible quality.

I watched the FF movie for the first time yesterday evening. I think it'll need another viewing or two before I totally "get" it. It reminded me very much of FFVII (high-tech dystopia, Gaia theory, open-ended ending). Aki is a heroine in the tradition of Terra/Aeris/Rinoa; she knows she holds the key to saving the world, and she'll do it, no matter what the personal cost.

It was the Vernal Equinox last Friday. Spring is officially here :-)

Didn't make it to church today; I was unwell during the night, and didn't sleep very well. I'm feeling a bit sick now, too. I hope tonight isn't a repeat performance, or I'll be no good for work tomorrow.