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penrose orange



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Quit prodding me
penrose orange
Just been to the doctor, about the health matter that some of you are aware of.

The doc had to prod my stomach to look for abnormalities. I'm every doctor's nightmare; a squirmy patient who really hates being prodded. I am very, very, very, very, very ticklish, and generally dislike being touched. So being poked around makes me shiver and squirm and tense up; the doc probably didn't discover anything useful by prodding me, I was that tense.

I have to go back next week for blood tests. A bit scary; haven't had blood removed since I was about seven.

In better news: I got a tax rebate! The Inland Revenue sent me a cheque for £400. (Which, knowing my luck, is probably less than the amount my taxes will go up by this year...)