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My first patch submission to Debian
penrose orange
I added support for archives compressed with bzip2 to the archiver "pax", which I intend to use as the standard archiver in my Linux from Scratch system. Took all of about ten minutes; I just cloned the gzip support code, changing the name of the program to call from "gzip" to "bzip2". I then altered the instructions to reflect the changes, which actually took longer than the code alterations!

Since I figured that other Debian users might like the feature, I submitted it. Here's a link to my submission:
[EDIT: link removed]

I wonder if it'll be accepted? If it is, a tiny, tiny, tiny part of the Debian software distribution will be my code. How nice.

*holds head in hands*
penrose orange
I just made the most stupid, stupid, newbie-quality mistake.

My submission to Debian contains my primary email address in cleartext.

It's going to get spammed now. It's been spam-free since I registered the domain, and now I'm stuffed.


Time to investigate whitelist filtering...