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cat /var/log/stephen >/dev/eyes

modprobe pktcdvd
penrose orange
Rebuilt the kernel today; still running Linux 2.4.20, but added Con Kolivas' latest performance-tuning patches, and the latest version of JFS.

The reason for the kernel rebuild was because I want to try CD-RW packet writing. The idea is that instead of producing data CDs by making an ISO9660 maste image and burning it in one go, you can mount a CD-RW as if it were a hard disk partition, writing and deleting files in the normal way.

The Linux kernel patches to enable packet writing can be found here. They don't play nicely with the O(1) scheduler patch in Con Kolivas' patch set; the O(1) scheduler alters the kernel API a little, so I had to hack the packet writing driver before it would compile. (Sounds a lot more impressive than it actually was; I only had to alter one line; but hey; if I don't blow my own trumpet, no-one is going to do it for me!)

I ordered a new HDD (80GB Western Digital with 8MB cache); will be used for Linux from Scratch (see previous entry), MP3s (to free up some space in /home), and whatever else I can think of.