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penrose orange



cat /var/log/stephen >/dev/eyes

"/dev/hda1 was not cleanly unmounted, check forced."
penrose orange
The power went off twice at work today, and the desktop machines aren't on UPSes. There goes my 235-day uptime record. And when the power came back, I had to sit and wait for the file system consistency check to complete. (I don't use a journalling filesystem at work because the box is usually so stable that I've not yet had any need for one...)

I can't find any Final Fantasy V desktop wallpaper that I like. Final Fantasy Online has some nice ones, but I want one that features the dragon prominently.

It's flipping FREEZING at the moment. I think my flat must be the coldest place in England.

Maybe it's just as well that I never got to finish it
penrose orange
Found a Chrono Cross story guide at GameFAQs:


Chrono Cross: how to take an elegant story (Chrono Trigger) and turn it into an incoherent mess.

This story is far, far, far too complicated. It makes Final Fantasy VII look like Jack and the Beanstalk. Heck, it makes Xenogears look simple. And it was totally unnecessary; the CT story was better without the added thousand layers of complexity.

Good battle system though.

*waits for Lord Kefka to rip him a new one*