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The year of the Knuth
penrose orange
In Roman numerals, 2009 is MMIX, which is also the name of a computer architecture designed by Donald Knuth for teaching purposes. I can't believe it's taken me five days to spot that!

Next year, the year in Roman numerals will form a more well-known computer abbreviation.

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I know, five whole days! That's shameful!!

Haha... I wouldn't have a) known the Roman numerals or b) made any kind of computer connection, no matter how long you'd given me.

Having just looked it up, must confess I've never heard of MMX either... haha...
Here's to a completely useless IT degree ^_^

I'm not surprised your degree didn't cover the MMX instruction set, it's only of interest to people writing highly optimized code, and it's been obsolete for several years. I'd assumed people might've heard of it because it formed part of Intel's branding for a while; when it was introduced, the Pentium chip became known as "Pentium MMX". This was more than ten years ago, mind.


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