Stephen Williams (stephenw32768) wrote,
Stephen Williams

If Final Fantasy characters were standing in the local elections...

Celes: "I'm a GENERAL, not some pathetic councillor!"

Edgar: "A vote for me is a vote for weekly beauty pageants in the town hall, which I will convert into a subterranean vehicle of some kind."

Terra: "What does it mean to win an election? Will I ever understand that feeling?"

Cloud: "When did I decide to run for office? How did I enter the election? Why can't I remember?"

Aeris: "If elected, I pledge to transform all the city's wasteland into flower gardens."

Yuffie: "Sign this. It's a contract stating that when the election is over, I get to keep all the tax money."

Squall: "Voting is a waste of time. You can't rely on the council for anything. You've only got yourself to depend on."

Seifer: "I will be the mayor's loyal knight. You wouldn't understand, chicken-wuss."
Raijin: "I think Seifer'd make a pretty good mayor himself, ya know?"
Fujin: "...VOTE."

Selphie: "Booyaka! Elect me so that I can table tons of awesome legislation! You should see the list of amendments I've made for my first council meeting! It's this big!"

Vivi: "If no-one votes for me, does that mean I don't exist?"

Quina: "Campaign leaflets yummy! Ballot papers yummy! Incumbent councillor not taste so good."

Aki: "My dreams hold the key to winning the election. I'm sure of it."
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